Presentation Overview

The digital image allows an abundance of choice and flexibility that is limited only by the imagination.

Different colour surrounds along with any size and shape of portrait (image) allow us to match a portrait of a sibling from another University or another photographer.

Also individual requirements of design and layout to suit any size frame can be catered for.

Every portrait is presented in a plain dark blue card mount unless mounted or framed. It is inclusive of crest above the image and up to three rows of text below all integral on a coloured background surround, normally ivory. The portrait is also available without crest & text if desired.

The full range of college crests and layout options can be seen on the Crests page.

The Text will be in Nuptial Script font and for reasons of good presentation is strongly recommended. Other fonts are available and we will obviously oblige where possible.

Some font examples:

Grey surround Dark blue surround
Card Mount - click on image to enlarge and see a breakdown of the elements.
  Presentation Options

To see examples of the many presentation, mounting and framing options we offer please use the links below:


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