Terms and Conditions

• no payment on the day
• no obligation to order
• payment requested with order
• despatch time 14 days individual in card mounts
• despatch time 28 days multiple image and framed orders
• payment by cash, cheque or card
• V.A.T. included in price
• postage & packing excluded from price

Paper proofs are despatched 1st class mail within five days of the ceremony to anywhere in the World. This is all done at no cost to the graduate or their families. Our no deadline policy for ordering, and the customers option to always come back for further copies is always well received.

There is no obligation to purchase our portraits. Payment is requested with anything ordered. As from the 1st October 2005 customers worldwide will be able to order through the website allowing all family members and friends to view and order.

On receipt of the proofs or viewing on the internet, there is no obligation to purchase or administration fee. The customer only pays for what they order which can be anything from a 5” x 4” card mounted to a 20” x 16” framed portrait. Postage & packing is extra and payment is requested with order. This can be by cash, cheque or any debit or credit card with no additional administration charges.

Deadline on Ordering
I never apply a deadline on when a customer needs to order after degree day and they can always return for further copies at any time in the future. Files are kept indefinitely.

This is always a point of surprise to graduates who have forgotten to order, and families alike. I regularly have enquires, “have I still got the negatives!”, “am I too late, my mother will kill me”! The answer is always the same - “there is no deadline on ordering and digital files are kept

The maximum turnaround time for customer orders (not proofs) is 28days. For orders of a single image and a single photograph despatch times are significantly reduced to 14 days. If a customer has a tight deadline we always try to oblige.

All UK orders are despatched First Class letter post with the option for the customer to elect for Special Delivery.
Worldwide customers orders are despatched Air Mail with the option of courier.

Customer Relations
Any complaint or query is handled personally by Simon Chapman.

Because everything is undertaken in-house we are able to respond to queries in an efficient manner. These will normally relate to orders not received or damaged in transit.

A replacement will be despatched and the defective item is requested to be returned to my freepost address.

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