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We encourage the purchase of our portrait but to give the graduate or their family the memory they desire they can supply us with their own image. They maybe have one they have taken themselves during the day, either in college or the quad or in the evening. We are then able to incorporate this image into our presentation, and the customer benfits from a 10% reduction from the print Price Guide.

Shown right, the original customer image was taken in St. Edmund Hall and sent to me to introduce on to my template with crest and text.

This was at the customers request as she forgot to have her portrait taken in the Clarendon quad on the ceremony day. She later told me that it made her grandmother very happy and got her out of alot of trouble with her mother!!

It is now a service that I offer to all graduates.

For tips on taking the perfect portrait, please see Academic Dress.
More coming soon...
Original customer image